Spray Cone Instrumentation

About Spray Cone Angle Measurement

Measurement of the angle of a spray once it exits the nozzle is a parameter often used to help understand the droplet distribution after atomisation, aid in validation of CFD spray models and realise global spray characteristics.

For example, it can be used for the purposes of understanding gas entrainment, vaporisation and emissions in combustion environments. The spray diverges from the nozzle exit and the relative internal angle the boundary of the spray subtends is the spray cone angle. Image processing is used as a tool to evaluate the spray cone angle. With suitable camera and lighting set up, a spray can be imaged; the boundary of the spray can be measured by drawing out lines on the spray boundary and ultimately a spray cone angle can be calculated. The method is performed automatically within a region of interest in the image, by weighted fitting of lines driven by the spatial characteristics of the local intensity distribution of the spray. The spray cone angle is calculated from the resulting line vectors.

The images shown above are the result using simulated spray cones.

The SCITEK Product 

Our basic system comprises of the camera and cone angle measurement software. Options include laser light sheet generator or other illumination source where lasers are not suited.

Software features include :

  • Adjustment of camera aperture, speed and ISO
  • Camera focus
  • Live image
  • Zoom function
  • Image averaging

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