Enhanced Software Defined Telemetry System

About the Telemetry System

The ESDT system is currently being developed in collaboration with TBG Solutions Ltd as part of an Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) funded project – Read the full news article here. The prototype will be demonstrated on SCITEK’s Honeywell ALF502 engine facility.

Telemetry System

Prototype specifications

Signal conditioning modules

Supported Sensor Types

  • Slow Channels – ‘K’ type thermocouples
  • Fast Channels – 120R 2-wire resistive strain gauges with 3.33V excitation

Sensor Numbers and Bandwidth

  • 16 slow channels @ 20Hz : 14 bits
  • 8 fast channels @ 30kHz : 14 bits {10Hz to 10kHz}

Rotor mechanical / environmental specification

  • Shaft speed – 7000rpm
  • Sensor Data – Sensor data is available over Ethernet using Data Distribution Service (DDS) or as a digital stream from the ground station.
  • Environmental – No forced cooling in telemetry unit.
  • Mechanical Interface – Bolts on to end of shaft.
  • Power – Electrical Interface prototype unit is battery powered (rechargeable)

Antenna specification

  • Rotor End of Shaft Antenna
  • Ground Testing Standard Antenna
  • Flight Testing Patch Antenna

Further information 

SCITEK and TBG Solutions are happy to discuss the system with interested parties. Please get in touch using the details below.

SCITEK Consultants Ltd


+44 (0) 1332 365 652



TBG Solutions Ltd

TBG Solutions

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