Extensive Experience of Experimental Fluid Dynamics

SCITEK has extensive experience of experimental fluid dynamics and of all the major laser diagnostic techniques, particularly in demanding and hostile environments.

Where commercially available hardware was not found to be suitable for producing the best possible results, Scitek developed its own. Our seeder designs have been developed to the point that we believe them to be superior to the alternative products in a wide range of applications and we can now offer them as high quality products.

Use of SCITEK LS-10 seeder to measure the incylinder flow structures by LDA in the Lotus Single Cylinder Optical Research Engine, SCORE, at Loughborough University, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department. 


We produce a range of liquid and powder seeders as standard and we are happy to supply bespoke seeders engineered for individual requirements. 

Our standard range is as follows:

LS-10 Liquid seeder with remote control of seeding density
PS-10 & PS-20 Powder seeders for high temperature applications to 10 bar and 20 bar working pressure
LS-HP Large scale wind-tunnel seeders

Our seeders have been used for:

  • Droplet Seeding for PIV and LDA
  • Flow visualisation
  • Seeding for Mie Scattering combustion studies of flame shape
  • Aerosol research
  • Controlled oil mist for lubrication
  • High temperature Combustion studies
  • High pressure flow applications (up to 20 bar)
  • Seeding in Hostile Environments

Pdf_icon_32x32 Read how NASA used SCITEK Seeder in CFD Validation Work.