SCITEK Products

SCITEK has extensive experience of experimental fluid dynamics and of all the major laser diagnostic techniques, particularly in demanding and hostile environments. Where commercially available hardware was not found to be suitable for producing the best possible results, SCITEK developed its own. 

Our products have been developed from meany years of experience in flow measurements using optical techniques and are classed in three categories: Seeding Systems, Spray Cone Instrumentation and LDA and PDA Alignment tools. 

Seeding Systems

Our seeding systems are for use in flows where optical instrumentation (LDA and PIV) and disperse liquid or solid particles to be carried that are small enough to follow the flow so that fluid velocity can be measured. Our range of products covers small and large scale flow rigs. Our seeder designs have been developed to the point that we believe them to be superior to the alternative products in a wide range of applications and we can now offer them as high quality products. Please click on the links below to take you to the relevant product page. We are also happy to supply bespoke seeders engineered for individual requirements.

Pdf_icon_32x32 Read how NASA used SCITEK Seeder in CFD Validation Work.


Spay Cone Instrumentation

SCITEK offers instrumentation that can be used to measure the spray cone of spray nozzles. In its basic form the instruments uses a camera to image the spray and uses software developed by SCITEK to process the images to work out the angle of the spray. Illumination of the spray is not included in the basic product as most customers have their own illumination method. However, SCITEK can supply low cost illumination hardware to suit customer requirements.

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LDA and PDA Alignment Tools

With regards to calibration tools SCITEK provides a system that can be used to carry out a black box calibration of the accuracy of frequency measurement of LDA and PDA processors. This product utilises a flashing LED that is driven by a calibrated frequency signal generator. A small 3D traverse is supplied with the LED source to allow accurate placement of the light source to the focusing point of receiving optics. The LED supplied is matched to the wavelength of your system. Visit the product page now.

For calibrating PDA systems SCITEK can provide a small water tank and calibrated latex particles that allow the user to evaluate the accuracy of their particle sizing system.