Spray Rigs

Spray Characterisation Rigs – SCITEK Core Expertise

At SCITEK, spray characterisation has always been one of core areas of expertise with many years of experience in this field. At our in-house facilities we are able to offer spray characterisation measurements using a variety of laser based instrumentation as well as development and optimisation of spray nozzles.

We are also able to carry out measurements at customer facilities as our measurement equipment is transportable.

 Coupled with our expertise in the manufacture and instrumentation of test rigs we are also able to design and manufacture customised spray characterisation rigs to suit customer requirements which we can install and provide training in their use.

 In May 2016 we have established at Sawley Park in Derby test facilities which also include a brand new spray characterisation rig which can be used to visualise sprays using white light and laser light sheet flow visualisation. This rig also has permanently installed on it a two component Phase Doppler system which measures velocity and size distribution of spray nozzles at high acquisition rates and is reconfigurable to suit customer requirements. Coupled with an automated 3 axis traverse we are able to carry out detailed spray measurements to produce high fidelity velocity and particle size maps.

Spray characterisation spray booth with air extraction, traverse and PDA

Key features of our Rig include:

  1. High and low pressure pumps that can handle a range of liquids
  2. Blackout screens in Spray enclosure for spray imaging and visualisation
  3. Large lightbox for controlled lighting of sprays
  4. Automated spray activation for Aerosol type spray nozzles
  5. Stainless steel spray booth with air extraction
  6. Laser light sheet for spray imaging & characterisation
  7. Imaging using a range of industrial cameras with PC control
  8. High speed two component Phase Doppler particle sizing system
  9. Three axes traversing system
  10. Reconfigurable hardware to suit customer requirements
  11. Automated test & measurement systems available on request

Recent spray characterisation projects include: deodorant studies, aerospace fuel spray nozzle, development and optimisation of bespoke fuel nozzles and measurement on industrial spray nozzles for a number of customers. In the past we also participated in EU funded project (FIRST) where we carried out extensive measurements in rich burn and lean burn aero engine fuel injectors at ambient and elevated pressure rigs.  

EU First Project with PDA System used for high fidelity spray measurements

To complement our spray measurement services we are also pleased to be the UK agent of En’Urga who are a US based manufacturer of specialised spray measurement equipment which include amongst other instruments the OP-600 spray patternator. En’Urga instruments can be applied to academic research and industrial applications for quality control.

The En’Urga OP-600 Spray Patternator with typical results

We are also pleased to announce that we have recently completed the design, manufacture and commissioning of a bespoke spray nozzle characterisation rig for a UK customer. This rig will test aero engine spray nozzles utilising the En’Urga OP-600 patternator for quality control to ensure that the variability in the spray pattern produced by each nozzle is within defined limits. This rig also measures the flow number of the nozzles which is then used to select engine sets.

Spray rig for aero engine spray nozzles custom made to customer requirements

Please call us for a no obligation discussion of your needs be it for measurements, nozzle development or for the design of a bespoke rig.