Spray Characterisation

Extensive Characterisation Capability

As part of our fluid mechanics activities we offer spray characterisation services which we carry out either at the customers site or within our own laboratory. This type of work is carried out using in-house instrumentation like the Malvern and Phase Doppler Particle sizing systems. Our Phase Doppler system is mounted on a 3D traversing system which allows for a fully automated mapping of sprays. We can also deal with mapping transient sprays such as those generated by medical inhalators. Laser light sheet is also another technique which we frequently use to obtain various spray characteristics like spray cone angle and density.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Inlet fog boost in industrial gas turbines
  • Performance studies of spray nozzles
  • Routine evaluation of Aerospace fuel nozzles
  • Fuel spray placement studies during ignition
  • Fuel spray studies in a cross flow for CFD validation
  • Automated optical spray cone angle measurement device

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Pdf_icon_32x32Download SCITEK study of an industrial gas turbine fuel spray injector in a cross-flow.