Stress Analysis (FEA)

Advanced Stress Analysis Capability

SCITEK‚Äôs advanced stress analysis capability is broad and uses both conventional hand calculations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to compute and understand stress distributions in complex structures and components under a variety of loading conditions.  The structural response to more complex loads, such as those arising from severe thermal gradients, can also be assessed with the use of thermo-mechanical simulations.

FEA is a powerful analysis tool, and SCITEK believes in the use of it from the initial stage of the design process. It can be utilised to assess whether a concept is fit for purpose and to understand the possible failure modes before the design process progresses.  It is also invaluable in optimisation studies on existing designs, where the component is not meeting the required operating life.  Such capability dramatically reduces the development time and cost compared with physical prototyping and testing.

All of our analysis is completed in line with NAFEMS, the International Association for Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation, best practise guidelines.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Linear Stress/Strain Analysis.
  • Non-linear Stress/Strain Analysis.
  • Buckling Analysis.
  • Design Optimization.
  • Complex Contact mechanics within large assemblies.
  • Analytical Fatigue Lifing.


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