Dynamic Analysis (FEA)

Assessment and Understanding of Vibration Characteristics

All structures possess natural frequencies, which if excited can result in increased vibration amplitudes. These vibration amplitudes can lead to excessive deflections and stresses, resulting in fatigue and potentially even catastrophic failure.

Therefore, when an application involves dynamic loads, it’s important to assess and understand the vibration response. As it can be critical to both performance and safety.

Dynamic Analysis using FEA allows us to establish the natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes for individual components, structures and assemblies. Whilst also allowing us to assess the dynamic response to potential excitation frequencies.

This approach often allows for structural resonances to be designed out of a systems operating range prior to the detailed design stage.

All of our Dynamic analyses are completed in line with NAFEMS, the International Association for Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation, best practise guidelines.

Areas of Dynamic Analysis Expertise:

  • Free Response Analysis
  • Forced Response Analysis
  • Power Spectral Density Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Full Transient Response Analysis