Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis

Advanced Numerical Simulation Techniques

At its core Engineering Analysis & Simulation involves the application of scientific analytic principles to identify the properties and behaviour of a system under investigation.

The ability to understand the fundamental scientific and engineering principles of the system being simulated, and to have the practical experience to identify whether the results are sensible, forms the foundation of SCITEK’s engineering analysis service.

SCITEK’s dedicated team of multidisciplinary Engineers possess the highest level of engineering & scientific expertise and the most sophisticated engineering analysis techniques available. With a vast range of experience in the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Power generation industries, SCITEK are well versed in a wide range of engineering analysis applications.

SCITEK is a member of NAFEMS, the International Association for Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation, and all of our engineering analyses are completed in line with industry best practise guidelines. 

Areas of Engineering Analysis Expertise: