Flexible Systems for Research & Development

Inline with SCITEK’s philosophy of offering our customers a complete turnkey solution, we can provide full System Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems or subsystems to their requirements.  Our systems developed to date have ranged in size from those which can be housed neatly in a benchtop enclosure to those which fill an entire laboratory or test facility.  Common to all these has been the implementation of all control, data acquisition and health monitoring functionality and all necessary safety systems to allow remote control and, where required, automatic control for long duration testing.

With National Instruments hardware and the LabVIEW programming interface providing us with a solid foundation for control and data acquisition, our in-house electrical expertise allow for the design and manufacture of bespoke electrical and electronic circuits to interface other hardware and form a complete system.  Such a system will be specified to meet the customer’s requirements and will be designed to meet appropriate EU legislation (CE, ATEX) and any other internal standards of the customer. There is considerable flexibility for the user to specify and work alongside us to develop the user interface to best meet their own working practices and procedures.   Interfaces can be developed to any level of sophistication from simple mechanical switches and LEDs through to touch screen panel PCs, providing graphical buttons and displays of system parameters.

Recent examples include:

  • The Cold Neutron Radiography Facility, with a control system allowing for manipulation of the target, image capture and safety monitoring for quick isolation of the neutron source.
  • A particulate emissions measurement system to meet aero engine emissions testing legislation to be introduced in 2015;
  • A gas fueled aero engine research installation featuring full control and acquisition system.
  • Oil deposition test rigs and controller allowing testing to be run continuously for many days at a time.