Standalone Instrumentation

Aside from developing fully integrated systems, SCITEK has also been called upon to develop a number of standalone instrumentation projects.  These projects have covered a wide range of measurement and control applications and have given SCITEK experience over a wide range of commercially available instrumentation.  This knowledge can be rapidly applied to develop instrumentation solutions for customers, whilst in a number of occasions SCITEK’s own IP can be adapted to meet the demands of a new application in even shorter timescales.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Photomultiplier (PMT) amplifier for fibre optic probes for use in combustion diagnostics.
  • Photodiode input module for multiple fibre optic probes used in combustion stability investigation.
  • Controller for up to 32 Bronkhorst mass flow controllers (or any 4-20mA controllers) for direct analogue control without using Flowbus or FlowDDE. (Remote control via Ethernet or LabVIEW remote panel)
  • 2-lane continuous pressurised water system controller. (Remote control via Ethernet)
  • 3-axis controller for legacy traverse system.
  • Heater controllers units for controlling up to three 16A heater elements.
  • Heated flexible PTFE exhaust sample transfer lines.
  • Strain gauged bearing for load-deflection testing.