Control Systems & Instrumentation

Tailored System Solutions

SCITEK can deliver turnkey solutions to your needs or provide a consultancy service for systems design. Solutions are tailored explicitly for the customers requirements and range from simple monitoring stations to full real-time, robust, reliable control systems for long term (thousands of hours) testing.

We have considerable experience in many different types of application ranging from laboratory scale research rigs to production facilities and provide support for installations that we have not previously been involved with.

Where possible we prefer to use COTS equipment, but as a result of particular project requirements, we have developed a number of standalone instruments that can be used out of the box, or can be tailored for individual customer needs.

We recommend National Instruments hardware and their software development platform LabVIEW™ where appropriate as the best solutions for rapidly developed and robust control systems based on our experience with a large number of competing platforms. We have extensive experience in the use of National Instruments’ products and in October 2004 National Instruments made us one of their Alliance Partners.

At the forefront of technological advance, we make a point of being actively involved in collaborative programmes between academia and industry in the development of new sensors, systems and methods.

Our installed systems base includes:

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) test facilities – Systems for unattended endurance testing (>3000 hours) of high temperature SOFCs with automated rig parameter profiling, IV curve control and logging. The system controls and monitors furnace temperature, rig pressure, gas mass flow, pressurised water delivery, cell temperatures, voltages and currents, provides alarm and event logging, and local and networked backup data logging.
  • Complete multi-site System Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for rig control and acquisition data from full-scale combustion research rigs for a leading aerospace company.
  • Discontinuity Detection System with rig control for testing up to 160 connectors simultaneously on a vibration rig for aerospace connector quality evaluation.
  • Experimental fibre-optic sensor evaluation platform on SCITEK installed Gnome engine (see Engineering).
  • PC based ultrasound applications development platform.