Computer Vision & Image Analysis

Gain Insight with Advanced Vision Based Solutions

Vision based solutions gather information about an object or environment using images. These images are optimised and processed using a variety of techniques and algorithms to solve a particular challenge. This challenge may require a combination of visual inspection, detection, measurement, pattern recognition, 3D reconstruction, and/or reverse engineering.

SCITEK has a vast range of experience in imaging, image processing and computer vision applications.

We have provided vision based solutions utilising processing techniques such as Real-time video processing, edge detection, feature, pattern and geometry recognition algorithms as well as 3D CAD model matching routines and many more.

With our dedicated Labs and test facilities we also provide services in imaging and vision experimentation. We design and manufacture rigs, develop experimental methods, perform the experiments as well as process & analyse data, draw conclusions and make recommendations. A full turnkey solution.

If you think you’re application could benefit from computer vision, then contact us now.

Example Projects:

  • Particle volume measurement on magnetic chip detector using structured light and laser triangulation systems.
  • Vibration amplitude for fatigue life estimates of aero-engine blades including real-time video processing.
  • Thermal Imaging for temperature assessment of frictional wear on aero-engine component interfaces.
  • Metrological diametrical and position measurements on holes in aero-engine combustor components using computer vision techniques.
  • Neutron beam imaging in applications of CT scanning for 3D reconstruction
  • Development of automated inspection software of aero-engine components for damage detection and measurement.
  • Topographic severity system using photo-metric stereo technique for aero-engine component assessment.