Enhanced Software Defined Telemetry system for ground and flight testing

Telemetry System

Over the past year, SCITEK Consultants Ltd. and TBG Solutions Ltd have been working on a prototype for an exciting new product: an Enhanced Software Defined Telemetry (ESDT) system for ground and flight testing. This new project forms part of an Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) funded collaborative R&D programme.

Currently, gas turbine engine manufacturers make use of analogue radio frequency-based telemetry systems when monitoring strain and temperature measurements in rotating engine parts during ground and flight testing.

This project is focused on exploiting the benefits of moving from an analogue radio frequency platform to a digital radio frequency replacement.

The Enhanced Software Defined Telemetry system provides a superior solution in that its parameters are defined in software and can thus be changed to provide enhanced performance or for re-purposing the system to suit new requirements.

What’s more, the project aims to push the capability of the ESDT system well beyond what was originally conceived in order to achieve at least a four-fold increase in data rate transfer compared to the original analogue systems.

Expanding transmission capacity in this way will allow engine manufacturers to monitor more sensors simultaneously, thus reducing the number of test-runs, saving costs, fuel, and reducing the development time and environmental impacts of testing.

The prototype system will first be demonstrated on SCITEK’s Honeywell ALF 502 engine.

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